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Welcome to our Blog!

We have created it as a space where we can share with anyone who visits our website the latest news about us and our products. However, that is not all. There are a lot of interesting developments in the fields of medical and healthcare research happening almost daily. We want to bring some of those that relate to what we do, relate to our products forward in an accesible format. We do hope you will find our news and articles informative and interesting.

Coeliac Disease - negative impact on the quality of life

  In the last 20 years the diagnosis of Coeliac Disease experienced a revolution through discovery of coeliac disease-specific antibodies as well as introduction of population screening. One of the most common gastroenterological conditions was for a long time regarded ...

Posted on 29/04/2022

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New research on consequences of undiagnosed Coeliac Disease

The past year was for medical professionals a time with increased focus on the COVID epidemic which so deeply affected all our lives. That have not stopped however important research being conducted, among others into Coeliac Disease (CD). Two very ...

Posted on 10/05/2021

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Internet search data can help in diagnosing Coeliac Disease.

Our lives are more and more connected to and spent on internet. Everything that we do online leaves a trace, a piece of data that can be analysed and now medical research is tapping into this biggest database of all. ...

Posted on 21/10/2019

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New research into environmental factors of Coeliac Disease

Coeliac Disease is often mistaken or misrepresented as an allergy or intolerance, whilst in fact it is an autoimmune condition triggered by the presence of gluten in the gut. The exact reasons why our immune system reacts adversely to gluten ...

Posted on 10/10/2019

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Our Lactose Intolerance test features on the BBC!

The presenters Greg Wallace and Cherry Healey investigated how producers get milk from cow to carton quickly, and how milk is used to make cheese and ice cream on a huge scale. They also revealed why most people in the ...

Posted on 28/03/2019

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